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Ozone Generator Manufacturer In India

We are a Manufacturer & Worldwide Exporter of Ozone Generators for Indoor Air Treatment Solutions and Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions. Ozonators' ranging from 1gm/hr - 1000gm/hr. These are designed to produce high concentration of ozone. Moreover, there are arrangements to generate low concentrations of ozone too.

The arrangement settings can be changed to varying your requirement of Ozone from low to high concentration.


Ozone Water Treatment Solutions - Application Areas
Swimming Pool Water Treatment
Cooling Tower Waste Water Treatment
Effluent Waste Water Treatment
Laundry Water Treatment
Sewage Treatment Plant
Pond Water Treatment
Aquaculture Water Ozonation
Municipal Water Treatment
Aquarium Water Treatment
Tertiary Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant


Head Office: 28, Satyam Industrial Estate, Subhash Road, Jogeshwari (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400060


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