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Tertiary Treatment Plant

Use of Ozone Generator in Industrial Tertiary Treatment Plant
Waste water from various industries contains varying degrees of COD & BOD which represent organic contamination as well as bacterial contamination. The degree of treatment required for waste water depends mainly on discharge requirements for the Wastewater. Conventional waste water Wastewater treatment (Wastewater Treatment) is intended primarily for elimination of pollutants not removed by conventional biological treatment.

Wastewater treatment of waste water occurs after secondary treatment. The objective of the Wastewater treatment phase is to reduce the COD & BOD values in the outflow of the biological system and disinfect the water. The Ozonation system is used for Wastewater Waste water treatment.

Advantages of Ozone Generator in Industrial Tertiary Treatment Plants
• Ozone reduces COD.
• Ozone reduces BOD.
• Ozone removes Color.
• Ozone eliminates Odour.
• Increase efficiency of Filter.

Health Hazard Data
Permissible Exposure Limits
• EPA Discharge Limits - 1.0 ppm to Atmosphere.
• OSHA Exposure Limit - 0.1 ppm for 8 hrs & 0.3 ppm for 10 minutes

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