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Swimming Pool Water disinfection is one of the key treatment steps for all types of public, private in ground & above ground pool. Efficient pool water disinfection is essential. Swimming pool water is contaminated by swimmers & environment pollutants. For many years, chlorine or bromine based chemicals have been the standard disinfectants used in swimming pool water treatment. However, studies have proven that the use of these chemicals can have health consequences due to the formation of reaction byproducts, mainly chlorinated organic compounds and chloramines. Chloramines are responsible for eye, ear and throat irritation as well as the presence of strong “chlorine” odor. Certain viruses, amoebae and cysts are also not inactivated at the chemical levels normally used for pool water treatment.

Ozone Generator in Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Numerous other private, public, commercial, water park, hotel, spa and motel swimming pools have switched to Ozone technologies as people become more concerned about chlorine and chlorinated byproducts.

Advantages of Ozone in Swimming Pool Water Treatment : 
• No eye irritation.
• No skin blackening.
• No harmful Disinfectant Byproducts (DBPs.
• If ozonated water swollen not dangerous gas.
• More effectively destroys Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Algae & Spores.
• 1.33 times more powerful than chlorine.

• 3,100 times faster than chlorine.
• Ozone has a micro-flocculation property.
• O3 destroys organism such as phenols, pesticides, herbicides & PCBs.
• Oxidizes inorganic such as cyanides, sulphides & nitrites.
• Oxidizes soluble ions & manganese.
• Removes Colors.
• Removes Odors.
• Reduces Turbidity.
• Red Operates bet. pH 6 to 9uces TDS
• Waste (Backwash) water does not require any treatment.
• Environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Chlorination : 
• Eye reddening & conjunctivitis.
• Skin rashes & Skin Blackening.
• Hair fall Increases.
• Disinfectant Byproducts are very dangerous.
• Produces Trihalomethane (THM), which is carcinogenic.
• If swollen, Chlorinated water is very dangerous.
• Environmentally hazardous.

Disinfection Efficiency of Ozone
Disinfectant Agent Enteric Bacteria Viruses Amoeba Cyst Spores
Ozone 500 5 0.5 2
Cl2 as HOCl 20 ≤1 0.05 0.05
Cl2 as OCl¯ 0.2 <0.02 0.01 <0.005
Cl2 as NH2Cl 0.1 0.01 0  

Despite Ozone’s comparative advantage why it is not as popular as Chlorine? 
Primary reason being adopting Ozone technology requires higher initial capital cost compared to chlorine. But, over the life cycle of the swimming pool Ozone reduces the operating and maintenance cost significantly without contributing any harmful byproducts & also being environment friendly & very safe for swimmers. Whereas Chlorine is known for destroying pool infrastructures, rusting out ventilation systems and destroying pool liners etc. Ozone poses no such problems.

Another important problem in adopting Ozone technology is that many pool engineers & consultants are not familiar with the Ozone Technology & its integration. Even in most of the existing ozonated pools the operators are not familiar with the Operation, Maintenance & end up using chlorine ignoring the side effect of chlorine.

Critical aspect of Ozone Technology : 
Ozone is produced at site the key to this technology is its Integration with the swimming pool water treatment plant & how ozone is dosed in proportion to the contaminants developed by Swimmers & Environment Pollutant in swimming pool water.

Select your option on how Ozone Generator can be integrated in your Swimming Pool Water Treatment Plants 

Option 1: 100% Ozonation Option 2: Ozonation with Chlorination Option 3: Side Stream Ozonation

Select Your Ozone Generator Model for your Residential Swimming Pool Water Disinfection Treatment

Select Your Ozone Generator Model for Public Swimming Pool Water Disinfection Treatment

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