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Effluent Waste Water by Ozone Generator Technology


Effluent Waste Water

Disinfection is an important treatment step in the direct reuse of reclaimed wastewater as well as ensuring public health and environmental protection.

Disinfection is considered to be the primary mechanism for the inactivation/destruction of pathogenic organisms to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases to downstream users and the environment. It is important that wastewater be adequately treated prior to disinfection in order for any disinfectant to be effective.

Disinfection is the destruction, inactivation or removal of those micro-organisms likely to cause subsequent infection of people. Wastewater disinfection refers to the use of a process designed specifically to reduce the numbers of viable, infectious microbial organisms in an effluent, …”

Due to its high oxidation potential, ozone is the most effective commercially available disinfectant in killing bacteria and inactivating viruses, protozoa and other organic & inorganic substances.

Advantages of Ozone:

• After ozonation, there is no regrowth of microorganisms, except for those protected by the particulates in the wastewater stream.
• Ozonation elevates the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration of the effluent. The increase in DO can eliminate the need for  reaeration and also raise the level of DO in the receiving.
• Elimination of COD.
• Elimination of Phenols
• Decolorisation.
• Reduce Odour.
• No Sludge Formation.

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