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VOC Removal Air Purifier Ozone

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals used to manufacture and prepare many building materials, interior furnishings, textiles, office equipment, cleaners, personal care supplies, and pesticides.

Common VOCs in Offices Buildings, and schools include, Formaldehyde, Decane, Butoxyethanol, Isopentane, limonene, Styrene,, Xylenes, Perchloroethylene,, Methylene chloride, Toluene and Vinyl Chloride,
Nevertheless, not just man-made materials produce VOCs. Some molds and fungi can give off VOC gases known as microbial VOCs.

Effect of VOCs on VOCs
There are many factors that determine if one might get sick due to exposure to VOCs, including:
• The concentration and amount of the chemical as well as its ability to evaporate into the air
• Personal characteristics such as age, gender, weight, general health status
• Method of exposure to the chemical - breathed or on the skin
• Exposure to one or a variety of chemicals
• Length of time of exposure.

Some immediate health effects to VOCs may include:

• Eye, nose, and throat irritation
• Headaches
• Allergic skin reaction like a rash
• Difficulty breathing
• Nausea and/or vomiting
• Nosebleeds
• Fatigue
• Dizziness
• Loss of coordination
• Confusion

Solution on reducing Volatile Organic Compound with Ozone Generator
Ozone Generators are used as VOC removal air purifiers, ozone being strongest oxidant can effectively oxidise the Volatile Organic Compound in the indoor air. To eliminate the VOC in the indoor air the ozone is injected in the HVAC Systems’ AHU ducts. The grams of the ozone doses are decided on the CFM of the AHU duct & also the area of the affected place. The controlled ozone doses are injected continuously, if the source of the VOC production (paints, carpets, new construction glues, etc) is still producing VOC's. Ozone Generators in an unoccupied residence with VOC issues is highly effective. Once the ozone reverts back to oxygen most if not all of the VOC's in the air will cease to exist.


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