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Grey Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers

Specialist in Packaged Type, Pre-engineered Domestic Grey Water Treatment Plants ranging from 7,000 LPD – 90000LPD with Green Building Sustainable ADAO Technology.

Greywater is water from washing dishes, laundering clothes, or bathing. Essentially, water, other than toilet wastes, draining from a household is considered as Greywater. Although this used water will contain grease, food particles, hair, and any number of other impurities, it is still be suitable for reuse. Reuse of Greywater serves two purposes: it reduces the amount of freshwater needed to supply a household, and it will reduces the amount of waste water entering sewer or septic systems.


Treated gray water Application Areas

• For Irrigation
• Gardening
• Car Wash
• Toilet flushing
• Cooling water
• Concrete water
• Fire sprinklers



Grey water characteristics against Black Water:-

• Lower concentration of BOD, 140 to 160 mg/L.
• Suspended solids are low, 50 – 150 mg/L.
• Nitrogen concentration is low, 5 – 10 mg/L.
• Phosphorus concentration is low, 0.4 to 2mg/L.
• Alkaline is high.
• Salt content is high.

Advantages of Chemtronics GTP- ADAO Treatment Technology:
• System with Zero Discharge.
• Treated Water is Colourless.
• Treated Water is Odourless.
• Low Footprint.
• Continuous operation is not required.
• Low Cost Operation.
• Treated Water can be reused for gardening, flushing, irrigation, car wash and many more non-potable uses.
• Green Sustainable bodytextwater treatment recycling & reuse plant.

Treated Gray water Usage
• Gardening
• W/C Flushing
• Irrigation
• Fire Sprinkler
• Construction
• Car Wash

ADAO Treatment Stages

Grey Water Treatment Recycling: ADAO - Stage I

Grey water treatment recycling plant Collect wastewater into the AD Tank, in this
tank anaerobic digestion of the grey water will take place.

Grey Water Reuse System Plant: ADAO - Stage II
In this package Grey Water Reuse System the Super lateral from AD Tank will be collected in equalization tank for further treatment.
Grey Water Treatment Plants: ADAO - Stage III
In this Prefabricated Grey Water Treatment Plants the wastewater will get filtered by Pressure Sand Filter & Passes further to AO (Advance Oxidation) Tank.
Grey Water Treatment System: ADAO - Stage IV
In this stage the grey water treatment System AO (Advance Oxidation) Tank, Ozone will get Mix into the Grey Water & Oxidises organic matter thereby reducing COD, Colour and Odour of the Grey water.

Grey Water Treatment Plants: ADAO - Stage V
In this stage portable grey water treatment plants the water further get filtered by Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter & Bag Filter to Trap any Minute Suspended Solids that are Present into the water


Grey Water Treatment Plant ADAO Model List – Capacity 7 KLPD -90KLPD

Model No Plant Capacity AD Tank
(Under ground)
Above ground)
 Power Equipment Weight
  LPD Rating Consumption
per day
kg lb
        watts kw-hr (units)    
ADAO/GTP-7 7 15 5 2 35 250 550
ADAO/GTP-12 12 25 5 2.5 45 400 880
ADAO/GTP-17 17 35 6 2.5 45 550 1200
ADAO/GTP-24 24 50 8 3.5 60 700 1540
ADAO/GTP-35 35 70 8 4 70 1000 2200
ADAO/GTP-50 50 100 10 5 90 1500 3300
ADAO/GTP-70 70 140 12 6.5 120 1800 3960
ADAO/GTP-90 90 180 14 7.5 135 2200 4840

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