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Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

Cigarette Smoke Odor removal is very challenging, because it produced toxics like ammonia, carbon monoxide & high level of tar vapour. These are some of the impurities among the dozens of toxic from Cigarette smoke. These are different components and cannot be eliminated with air purifiers & air cleaners. Tobacco smoke just permeates into the entire room, the chemical vapours cling to the carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and Cracks. The microscopic cigarette smoke odor residue will remain on the walls, the ceiling, inside closets, cabinets, cracks and crevices, and most other surfaces

Solutions for Cigarette Smoke Control Removal
To effectively eliminate cigarette smoke odor for the long term, ozone generator device is by far the best technology as air purifiers and air cleaners available today for cigarette odor control.
Ozone air purifiers as Cigarette Smoke Odor Control are a brilliant new green technology which will purify the surrounding restroom area naturally and completely so that the restroom odor vanishes completely and that the bacteria and toxins are eradicated at the same time.
Ozone has a very short life span, its half life is only about 20 minutes long and this is a great attribute for it to work on restroom odors as it will work quickly and produce the rapid removal of the offending toxins and odors.



Casinos and Gaming - Indoor Air Treatment Solutions

Casinos are invaded by offensive Odors such as:
» Smoke, » Alcohol, » Cooking, » Spill,» Body, » Bacterial, » Fungal, » Mold, & mildew, etc.

Casinos compete to attract clients and provide pleasant environments where customers will be comfortable staying for extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, most ventilation systems only recirculate room air and remove large particulate matter such as dirt, dust, and lint. Unpleasant restaurant and bar odours are left free to recirculate in the air you breathe and could increase in concentration over time.

If left untreated, these odours could linger and drive customers away. Covering up nasty restaurant odours with masking agents like perfumes pollute the air with chemicals and often times result in even more offensive smells.

Due to the almost constant exposure to these impurities. It can become a revolting experience entering & staying here. Ozone being the strongest disinfectant treatment can leave this area odour-free as the gas reacts with the smoke molecules, effectively separating them and allowing them to dissipate and thus Ozone Generator use helps to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for customers by keeping the air clean and controlling the inevitable odours that occur in these places. Ozone Generators are effectively use in Casino Indoor Air Treatment Solutions and Gaming Centre Indoor Air Treatment Solutions.

Ozone has stronger oxidising properties than any other form of disinfectant & is able to neutralise micro-organisms, including viruses. The biggest advantage of ozone technology compared to other air disinfection is that it is able to efficiently disinfect a large volume. Environmental benefit of Ozone Generator is that the Ozone naturally reverts back to oxygen, hence no by-products are produced.

“Use of Ozone Generator in HVAC System will not only disinfects the air, improve Indoor Air Quality & but also reduces Electricity Consumption upto 20% & a payback period within 2years.” Ozone Generators is been used as Air Cleaner, Purifiers, Disinfectors, Treatment & to achieve Indoor Air Quality

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