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Chemtronics Technologies Focused on the worldwide
need for clean air & water Chemtronics
specializes in integrating appropriate different technologies for developing and marketing environmentally-friendly treatment solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal, and agricultural use. Our product range & solutions have built a worldwide reputation for efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability.





Ozone Generator

Chemtronics has engineered strong oxidizing & disinfecting properties of ozone for Air, Water and Waste Water treatment.

We offer a wide range of ozone generators like air ozone generator and water ozone generator that are designed to produce high concentration of ozone. Moreover, there are arrangements to generate low concentrations of ozone too. The arrangement settings can be changed to vary the generation of ozone from low to high concentration. Designed as per the international standards, our ozone generators are light in weight and compact in size. Apart from water purification applications, these generators can also be used in laboratories and research centre.


Air Ozonation / Indoor Air Purification

Addressing Sick Building Syndrome, Chemtronics has successfully designed and installed solution to integrate with the present HVAC and conventional air cleaning system with proven and time tested technology. It achieves acceptable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) while minimizing energy consumption, and fully complying with ASHRAE standards. Focusing on remove odour, purification of indoor air & achieving Indoor Air Quality.



Water Ozonation

Chemtronics has engineered ozone with different technologies for varying water sources and quality, meeting stringent international standards. We design & customize appropriate technology to meet specific needs, serving customers on every continent.

The level of ozone is calculated on the load of contaminant in water. General guide line of common contaminants are given below.

• 0.43 ppm of ozone per ppm of Iron.
• 0.87 ppm of ozone per ppm of Manganese.
• 0.3 ppm of ozone per ppm of Hydrogen sulphide.
• 0.1 ppm of ozone per ppm of Tannins.


Ozone Generator Equipment

Standard Series
Ceramic electrodes for high performance and long life.
IGBT based resonant frequency inverter for ozone production.
Range 30gm/hr up to 100gm/hr.
Feed gas dry air or oxygen.
In built safety features and interlock for loss of cooling.
Consistent ozone output.

Range Of Industrial Ozone Generators For Treatment Of Air | Water | Waste Water

Ozone Generator Technology Applications

Indoor Air Treatment Applications
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Water & Waste Water Treatment Applications
Swimming pool Water Treatment | Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) | Cooling Towers Waste Water Treatment | Municipal Drinking Water | Aquaculture (Fish farming) | Agriculture | Bottling (Water, juices, beverages, wine) | Cooling Tower | Disinfection | Drinking Water/ Municipal Drinking Water | Farming (Hogs, Poultry) | Food Processing | Hydroponics | Laundry | Pools & Spas | Soil Remediation | Wastewater Treatment | Operation Theatre Fumigation | Kitchen | Swimming Pool | Water Treatment Plant | Industrial Water Treatment | Water Recycle | Water Reclaim | Water | Corona Treated Water Treatment | Dam Water | Sea Water | River Water | Filtration | Pre- Filtration | Post- Filtration

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