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Effects of Ozone


Pharmaceutical Industry Effluent Treatment by Using Ozonation

Waste waters from pharmaceutical industries are complex, with a variable nature. The effluent generated from pharmaceutical industry generally liquid - based effluent generated in the various processes like, fermentation, extraction, chemical synthesis. Effluent consists of high organic content thereby making the effluent as high COD effluent.

Ozone Treatment for Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant Pharma Tertiary Wastewater Ozonation

The use of ozone in the treatment of pharmaceutical effluent is attractive mainly because it may achieve the complete conversion of pollutants to CO2 and H2O, reducing toxicity and improving biodegradability.

Advantages of Ozone Generator in Pharmaceutical Industry Effluent Treatment Plant

• Ozone reduces COD.
• Ozone reduces BOD.
• Ozone removes Colour.
• Ozone eliminates Odour.
• Ozonation increase the biodegradation effectiveness.
• Decomposes rapidly, leaving no harmful byproducts.
• Increase efficiency of Filter.

Benefits of Ozone Generator in Pharmaceutical Industry Effluent Treatment Plants

• Due to its unstable physical property, it should be generated at the point of application for use in treatment purposes.
• After chemical oxidation residual ozone reverts to oxygen.
• Environment friendly gas.
• Can be retrofitted to existing and new treatment plant.
• Low operating cost.
• Easy to operate & handle.

Select different options on how Ozone Generator can be integrated in Pulp & Paper Industry Effluent Treatment Plants Click here

Ozone Generator Model Selection for for Pharmaceutical Industry Pre – Effluent Treatment

Ozone Generator Model Selection for Pharmaceutical Industry Pre – Effluent Treatment

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