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Hospitals / Healthcare Industry - Indoor Air Quality Treatment Solutions

“It often said that “Hospitals are not the best place to be if you are ill”. As predominant aerobic bacteria, fungi and potential pathogenic organisms prevalent in the hospital environment. Often these germs and bacteria are bought into hospitals by the patients. So, no matter how careful a facility is about disinfecting surfaces, new germs and bacteria are introduced on a daily basis, often evolving beyond the effectiveness of current antibiotics.

Hospitals have to take special precautions to prevent spreading of infections, due to contaminated indoor air. There are chances that inpatient will develop an infection while they are in the hospitals due to poor indoor air quality. However, it is not only the patients & visitors but also the employees have higher risk than most people of being infected by airborne diseases.
One of the best ways to improve indoor air solutions for hospitals or healthcare is to use of ozone generator for air treatment and disinfection.

Our Indoor Air Treatment Solutions for Hospitals
Operation Theater Fumigation.
HVAC System for Hospitals – Role of Ozone Generator in Hospital HVAC System.
Hospital Odor Control, Odour Removal.
Hospital Kitchen Odor, Restroom Odor



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