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Hotel Laundry Water Treatment Solutions
• Textile suppliers to hotel and hospitality laundries face great pressures to meet high standards of hygiene, quality, logistics, cost optimization and transparency.
• Textiles must be handled correctly to limit the transfer of dangerous bacteria and healthcare staff and the right wash processes are vital for the desired result.
• As pressure grows on hotels to cut costs, hospitality administrators are weighing the cost of outsourcing their linen services to textile rental companies against the cost-effectiveness of operating an on-premise laundry (OPL).

• A bad linen service is one of the most frequently heard complaints in a hospital. Attention to patients' personal needs and comforts are as important as the physician's medication and therefore adequate supply of clean linen becomes imperative. Besides helping in maintaining a clean environment, clean linen is a vital element in providing high-quality medical care. Also, pleasant employees in a fresh and neat uniform go a long way in creating a positive image of the hospital.
• The prevention of microbiological contamination is the most significant requirement for the hygienic processing of textiles.
• Hotels bed sheets, gowns, uniforms, towels and cleaning mops are potential tools for spreading infections.
• Properly controlled laundry processes can limit the spread of bacteria. Good practices start with appropriate washing techniques that will ensure decontamination of linen.
• The use of ozone in the laundry water reduces the requirement of detergents and also the wash can be achieved with lower temperatures.
• Ozone acts as a chemical enhancer. When applied properly ozone; Reduces water use, reduces fuel use in making hot water. Reduces chemical use, reduces waste water contamination. Ozone is also effective in Reducing fabric degradation .Extending linen life reducing formula run time (productive hours).extending equipment life
• Reduces energy cost of heating.
• Ozone destroys the residual alkali, eliminating the salt crystals left by the residual alkali and so eliminating the need for fabric softener. Once the fabric softener is removed, the drying time is substantially reduced which in turn results in additional energy savings.
• Hotel Laundry water treatment solutions can be effective achieved with the help of ozone generator.


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