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Effects of Ozone

Ozone Generator for Nursing Homes / Healthcare / Hospitals

“It often said that Hospitals are not the best place to be if you are ill”. As predominant aerobic bacteria, fungi and potential pathogenic organisms prevalent in the hospital environment. Often these germs and bacteria are bought into hospitals by the patients. So, no matter how careful a facility is about disinfecting surfaces, new germs and bacteria are introduced on a daily basis, often evolving beyond the effectiveness of current antibiotics.

It is very important to maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) in Operation Rooms to ensure health and safety for the patient and surgical team. A significant consideration in Operation Theatres is the control of aerosols, anesthesia gases and smoke. Aerosols are solid and liquid particles.


Ozone Equipments & Accessories

• Portable / mobile air ozonator.
• Online air fed Ozonator.
• Online Oxygen fed Ozonators.
• Ozone Cabinets.
• OT Ozonators with Air Handling Blowers.
• Air Ozone sensor with monitor.
• Air Ozone sensor with controller.
• Air ozone Safety Interlock.

Ozone Generator Installation Options

• Portable / Mobile
• Inside OT/ICU AHU room
• Inside OT/ICU with blower
• Outside OT/ICU with blower & Duct
• Inside AHU rooms for Entire Hospital

Ozone Generator Models for Operation Theatre (OT)

Ozone Generator Models for AHU & other Hospital Air Treatment Applications

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