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Generator d’ozo

Generator d’ozo

We are Manufacturer & Worldwide Exporter of Generator d’ozo from India, Asia. You can buy our Commercial Ozone Water Treatment ranging from 1gm/hr – 5000gm/hr to provide Indoor Air Treatment Solutions, Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions across the Industries.

Our Ozone Generator Design Policy

Being an ISO Certified we follow stringent quality policy in all our processes, to ensure we maintain the systems & standards.
Our Generator d’ozo works on Corona Discharge Principle & we use Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator to supply pure Oxygen to the Ozone Cell, which will give optimum efficiency, durability, Long life of the Ozone Equipment. Sizing of Ozonizers is critical; hence we ensure that there are no under calculation of ozone grams & our Ozone Machine gives you the desired grams of ozone required for your solution.

Ozone Generator Features: -

• Based on the principle of Corona Discharge
• Forced Air and water cooled electrodes
• Latest IGBT inverter technology
• Designed for continuous duty
• Short circuit protection
• Continuous and steady operation
• High ozone concentration
• Precision glass dielectrics.

Ozone Generator Specifications

Ozone Concentration : 8-10%
Voltage Input : 230 volts AC Single Phase
Feed Gas : Dry Oxygen
Cooling Medium : Water Cooled
Cooling Water Requirement : 200LPH
Cooling Water Temp : 200C


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